Vote Different, Vote Howe for House


Troubled by the toxic state of our politics, Joseph has endeavored to provide a different choice and to lead by example in running for House District 36. Believing that no incumbent should be without a challenger, the Howe campaign will offer the residents of Beaverdale and the surrounding area the only limited government option on their general ballot.

About Me

A southwest Iowa native, Joseph Howe has resided twice in the Beaverdale neighborhood. When searching to purchase his first home, Beaverdale was at the top of the list for the brick homes and bungalows, Snookies Malt Shop and the small town neighborly feel, reminiscent of home. Joseph is an experienced
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Your Voice

Budget Crisis

Our state government has run Iowa’s budget into the ground, a full review of what led us to this point has not occurred all the while our legislature is giving special treatment to special interests. Democrats will spend even more and have no plan to pay for it. A budget based on reasonable economic growth projections, ending welfare to special
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Medical Freedom

Currently, the Iowa Legislature holds the power to determine what medication your doctor can prescribe to you. Big money interests have blocked the use of cannabis and experimental drugs and have slowed development in these areas to a crawl. States with medical cannabis, such as Colorado, have seen significant drops in opioid addiction. These special interests and their allies in
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Civil Liberties

Traffic speed cameras violate your constitutional rights and the courts have failed to protect you, as your legislator I will support any means necessary to ban these revenue collection devices from use.  Eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture are nothing more than legalized theft by our government and legislation stopping them should be immediately in place. Your Second Amendment rights
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